We Be Licktoads. We make Raid!
Put the Longshanks to the Blade!
Burn them up from Feet to Head,
Make them Hurt then make them Dead!

Cut the Parents into Ham,
Smush the Babies into Jam!
Pot the Rest till they be stewed,
We Be Licktoads – You Be FOOD!

The Beginning!

You are goblins of the Licktoad tribe, who live deep in Brinestump Marsh, south of the hated man-town called Sandpoint. Once, other goblins tried to burn Sandpoint down. They should be legends today, but they didn’t bring enough fire, and got themselves killed as a result.

Yesterday, your tribe discovered that one of your own had been using forbidden arts, engaging in one of the greatest of all taboos—writing things down! It didn’t matter that he held a prominent position in your tribe, writing after all, is scary stuff. Every goblin knows writing steals words out of your head, makes your mind go numb and can be used to snatch away goblin souls. You had no choice but to take all of his stuff, burn down his hut, and run him out of town. But not before you branded some of his precious letters into his forehead, ears & cheeks.

But that’s when things got interesting, for Scribbleface (as he shall now forever be known) was keeping more secrets than just his writing. While rummaging through Scribbleface’s stuff, a weird box was found and taken directly to Chief Gutwad. Inside was the last of Scribbleface’s infamous fireworks; fireworks that were immediately put to good use in burning down his hut.

To drive away the bad mojo that Scribbleface has brought down upon your tribe, Chief Gutwad has announced that tonight there will be a feast, complete with the ritual burning of all Scribbleface’s writings and games where the best goblins among you will compete for some of Scribbleface’s loot. But perhaps even more exciting, all of you have been secretly invited to meet at Chief Gutwad’s Moot House. Why would the chief want to speak to you? It can only mean that he’s got an important mission… one that the other goblins couldn’t pull off. This could be your chance to become Licktoad Legends. Unlike those other goblins who didn’t bring enough fire…